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Are you looking for a great read this summer?

Any book with an accolade by Adam Grant on the cover gets my attention, especially when the author is Lars Schmidt ⚡️. I’ve been following Lars for a while. I’m drawn to people who opensource what they learn and build community around themselves, especially when they started their careers in recruiting and have gone on to do great big things.

I’m also drawn to people who are transparent and genuine, and when Hung Lee featured Lars in the Recruiting Brainfood Tribune’s “20 questions”, that said it all.

I just finished reading Redefining HR and wanted to give it a shoutout. This book is all about perspective and real-life examples from Chief People Officers and HR executives generously sharing their journeys and advice. As an executive recruiter and business owner, it’s highly valuable to look across so many facets of HR. And then I was pleasantly surprised to turn the page and see a chapter dedicated to recruiting. “Play the long game. Ethical recruiting. Relationships over fees.” Yes.

This is a business book that happens to focus on HR, versus an HR book that talks about business.

There are too many takeaways to list.

Highly recommend it.


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