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WorkLife with Adam Grant

If you haven’t listened to the podcast WorkLife with Adam Grant, I highly recommend it. I’ve been following Adam for a while. In his podcast he pulls information together through guests and stories to make concepts actionable and relatable.

There are many things I only recently admitted out loud. Years ago I stopped doing video interviews; I assessed candidates better over the phone. I focused on the things that mattered. This was going against the grain, but I saw better results so stuck to it.

I recently listened to an episode called “How Science Can Fix Remote Work” where Adam Grant said that audio is a better tool for assessment than video. To see similar opinions stated as fact in Adam Grant’s work, I can’t tell you how rewarding that is.

I’ve been telling people that the #1 rule of answering “what are your compensation expectations?” is sharing your compensation expectations. Don’t throw it back and ask for a range. In “The Science of the Deal” episode Adam Grant backs this up.

If you’re looking for another angle on how to think about work or hiring, I highly recommend WorkLife. What Adam says works, and it’s based on research, not just opinion. And I happen to think he’s right.

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