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The #1 Skill of a Chief Data Officer

This is what I love about recruiting. People with the same title do so many different things!

I've been deep in data as of late and it's no surprise that people have majors and minors. When I ask folks where they add the most value, the answers are quite different from each other.

- Driving business outcomes: enterprise, product, or line-of-business specific

- Hiring and building the organization

- Establishing a culture around data

- Influencing tech peers

- Influencing business peers

- Data science, machine learning, AI

- Data engineering

- Cloud data infrastructure

- Data governance

- Setting up partnerships

The list goes on..

Sometimes companies don't have a set "data team" and instead it's dispersed throughout the org. The title CDO or VP Data doesn't exist everywhere. Even when there is a specific data-focused group, it can be a hub and spoke model with multiple CDOs, or there are data folks embedded in certain business areas, with platforms in the center.

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