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Job Seekers: Reactive vs. Proactive

A lot of job searching is reactive, even at the executive level. There are ways to flip the script and create a situation where jobs come to you vs you banging on doors. How do you become the person people are talking about behind closed doors (in a good way)?

For example:

Reactive: “Hey person in my network, I’m looking! Are you hiring? Do you know anyone who is? That job posted at your company, can you intro me to the right person?” – all things to do, but reactive.

Proactive: “Hey, I’m looking! When recruiters reach out to you about positions that you’re not interested in, can you please refer them to me? So you have more context, here's where I can be impactful to an org... Here’s the kind of role I’m looking for…”

All of this is best over the phone. Conversations are better than emails.

Last week an executive was asking me if I read the Two Hour Job Search, and I hadn't. After talking to him, he said that this is the main difference between our books. That book is great for a reactive job seeker. My advice is proactive. (You can be in active job search mode and still have a proactive approach and mindset.)


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