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Interview Preparation 2.0

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Some quick 2.0 interview prep tips:

Follow the company on Instagram. (I started doing this with all of my clients, leads, and companies I'm genuinely interested in. A great way to gain insight on innovation, people and culture.)

Follow the company on LinkedIn.

Plug in the company name on YouTube, subscribe to their channel, and check out their videos.

Plug in the company name in your podcast app and scroll down to find specific episodes where they are mentioned or interviewed.

Take similar actions with people:

Search for executives on LinkedIn including the CEO. Click on “activity” halfway down their profile to see what people are posting and talking about. (Don’t connect with anyone on LinkedIn until after you meet them).

Do similar searches on YouTube and podcasts with specific executives’ names instead of companies.

And there you go! There’s a whole world of content out there. Use it to your advantage!

See the conversation here on LinkedIn.


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