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An Effective Job Search Strategy

An effective job search strategy = More time with fewer people --> deeper conversations.

This is the advice I gave to someone today who I hadn’t spoken with since high school. Who doesn’t love catching up? If you’re actively looking for a new position, it’s easy to send a blast to the world or apply to lots of jobs online. The results, though, are usually frustrating resulting in being contacted for the wrong positions or feeling that your resume is going into the black hole.

Instead, have fun with it. Reconnect with people (like we were!). Find your fan club. Have real conversations. People will think and reflect when there's a personal touch, a connection. One conversation will lead to another, it's just a matter of when.

It’s not always about the conversation today. Position yourself so you’re thought of for the right role a month or a year from now. Have people talk about you behind your back – in a good way. Create that magnet for your job search that lives on.

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