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So what are my compensation expectations? I don’t want to say something too low.

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Maybe you already know what you want and what you’re worth. If not, read on. This is all about creating your own data set. We need to find your market value. I recommend getting the data before you interview for your dream job.

Who can you talk to who has a large, current data set?


1) Tell recruiters what you’d like to make. Listen to their reaction. When they approach you about positions, return their calls. Talk about your background. Test the waters with different recruiters. Pay attention to what you hear and cater your answer for the next conversation.

You can easily ask recruiters “what do you think I’m worth?” but you may not get an answer. It’s hard for them to give you a price tag without a position in mind. Compensation varies greatly from company to company.

2) Another approach: find out what your role is worth by taking yourself out of the conversation. “If my boss hired you to fill my position, what compensation would they need to pay to attract the best candidates?”

Asking the question this way will now shift their thinking away from only you and to the entire talent market. A large data set.

Keep speaking with recruiters until you find your sweet spot.

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