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Podcast: The Key to Successfully Networking Your Way Into Your Dream Job by Gary Vaynerchuk

I started listening to Gary Vaynerchuk in 2020. In this podcast he talks about the second chess move. (more below) In your job search, how much time are you spending looking for "important" people, overlooking what is right in front of you? An audience member asks him “How do I meet relevant people at SXSW?” GV: “Alexander, I think the first opening move is to get out of the mentality [redacted] that justifies and categorizes people that you think are relevant.” GV: “I'm a very big fan of the second chess move in life. If you're just trying to get to this person, everybody's trying to get to this relevant [expiative] person. And so what happens is it becomes a supply and demand issue where you're getting pounded on, you're not breaking through because they're defending against the supply. But Alex, when you open yourself up to meeting somebody who might not be a relevant person by your definition. There are a [expiative] of people running around SXSW that if you have a drink with and say hello, that exact person is the gateway to 30 minutes of my time. But on paper with their 306 Twitter followers, it's not going to seem so obvious. I promise, when you stop strategizing people's [expiative] clout and you start acting like a human being, you will win.”


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