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Back to Office Strategies

We posted on this topic back in July when returning to the office was on the rise. But with the new Delta variant making headlines, some companies have decided to push out their returns.

We have found that returning to the office is not a one size fits all approach, some are taking a more permanent flexible approach while others want full time in office staff moving forward. Here is a breakdown of what we’re seeing and the updates associated with the recent surge.


Isn’t backing down from its hybrid work model. Most employees will return to the office 3 days a week starting in September 2021.

* Update- pushed their return to October.

Bank of America:

Starting after Labor Day, all vaccinated employees will return to the office. They are not requiring vaccination or mandating employees report their vaccination status.

Capital One: Declares the future as a hybrid work company. They are also implementing a 3 day in office work week while also still giving people the option to remain fully remote if needed.

CitiBank: Is offering flexibility to their employees worldwide with a hybrid work environment. They would like employees in the office at least 3 days a week and giving up to 2 days a week working remote.

*Update- Citibank stated that they are watching the data on the Delta variant but are still planning to invite employees back to the office starting in September.

Facebook: Announced employees can apply for a remote work set up if their roles allow it but are encouraging employees to be in the office at least half the time.

*Update- requiring employees be fully vaccinated to return to the office and they are still aiming for 50% capacity starting in September with a hope of fully reopening in October. They will assess the situation as the data continues to evolve.

Ford Motors: Is offering the option to continue working remote indefinitely if approved. They will offer a flexible hybrid work model starting in July.

*Update- reinstated mask mandate nationwide for all employees.

Goldman Sachs: Is focused on getting employees back in the office as quickly and as safely as possible. They are mandating that employees report their vaccination status but it won’t be mandatory for them to have it.

*Update- employees started back in the office in June and they aren't changing the policy yet but is monitoring the updates on the Delta variant.

Google: “The future of work is flexibility” CEO Sundar Pichai wrote in a memo to employees. Options include going back to the office, working out of a different Google office or apply for full-time remote work.

*Update- pushed their return to October and all returning to the office will have to be fully vaccinated.

JP Morgan: In May, all US offices opened at 50% capacity. They have announced that starting in July all US employees will be back in the office on a consistent basis but still remaining at 50% capacity.

*Update- made a statement this week that they haven't changed their return to office policy yet.

Microsoft: Flexible work is here to stay. They are allowing employees a hybrid work environment for the foreseeable future.

*Update- mandating vaccines for those returning to the office.

Morgan Stanley: Is taking a more strict approach and expecting all employees in the NY office to return after Labor Day. Being vaccinated isn’t required but they are expecting the majority of employees to be vaccinated.

RedVentures: Is offering voluntary in office attendance but most remain remote. They don’t plan to implement any large scale return until 2022.

*Update- vaccinated employees can continue working from the office Monday through Thursday during normal business hours and unvaccinated people can work from the office after hours Monday through Thursday and all day Friday.

Twitter: Will open its San Francisco and New York offices starting at 50% capacity for those who are vaccinated but ultimately it will be up to the employees as to whether they work remotely indefinitely or choose to split their time.

*Update- after the reopen, they quickly closed their doors again indefinitely to keep their employees safe from the rise in cases.

Uber: Plans to switch to a hybrid model in September. Expecting employees to be in office 3 days a week but will have the option to remain fully remote if needed.

*Update- they are delaying the return to the office and requiring vaccines when workers are allowed back.

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